PP PET Packing Strap Production Line

PP PET Packing Strap Production Line

We could meet high quality strap production line and high capacity request from customers.


The raw material processing and extrusion system High efficiency pre crystallization and drying system ,the equipment can be used 100% bottles of recycle materials ,the production of high value-added packaging belt . Special design of PET special screw single and double screw extruder can be used to choose.

PET Strap Production Line List

Automatic Feeding System

Automatic Loader and dryer

Storage Tank

2 pieces

Single screw extruder

Motor 37kw

Screw and Barrel with Gearbox

Extrusion Die

Die head + Heater

Water Cooling Tank

First Tensile Roller Unit

First Heating Oven

Second Tensile Roller Unit

Third Tensile Roller Unit

Sizing water tank

Hual off Roller Unit


Melt Metering pump

Screen Changer

PET Dehumidification drying machine