• 26 May 2020
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The most representative of the new injection molding machines is the all-electric plastic injection molding machine

In recent years, with the emergence of new synthetic materials, the expansion of the range of high-precision injection molding parts, and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people's requirements for injection molding machines are higher and higher. Various types of compact, energy-saving, environmental protection injection molding machines are emerging, and the industrial structure is changing rapidly. At present, among all kinds of relatively mainstream new injection molding machines, the most representative one is all electric plastic injection molding machine.

In order to ensure the highest level of precision, power and energy efficiency, the intelect all electric injection molding machine series is equipped with innovative high torque direct drive developed for this purpose. As a result, the operator of the inelect injection molding machine will benefit from the company's years of expertise in the field of electrical drive, as well as its high vertical manufacturing capacity in motor and control technology.